This Gay Couple Shared a Photo with Their Baby and The Internet is Going Crazy

Dads Joshua and Jeremy decided to take their adorable new baby Anakin on a trip to see Mickey. Yes, they went to Walt Disney World.

But it wasn’t an adorable photo with a character or even a snap of the Salt Lake City family out in the park that’s got the internet going crazy. It’s a photo the three posted from the comfort of them napping that’s set the internet alight.

The three in bed shared this snap of them enjoying a well-earned sleep after a busy day walking around the park.

When shared via the Instagram page Gays With Kids, it wasn’t until a few short days later the entire world went crazy for Joshua, Jeremy and their little one. But, can you blame them? 

The photo shows the three in bed napping, while baby Anakin looks totally relaxed and adorable.


Joshua, a paramedic, and Jeremy, a nurse, met at work and officially tied the knot back in 2015. The pair – who also have a daughter that wasn’t included in the picture – sadly didn’t make it to Disney World. She stayed at home with grandma.

The image soon got everybody on the internet talking, with the photo going viral and being reposted across the world.

Some users commenting: “This is too sweet,” and “I’m crying, this is so adorable.”

We agree, it really is utterly adorable.


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