Why Gay Men Need A Body Positivity Movement, Too

“Too many of us have spent too much of our lives trapped in the closet. May we not spend the rest of them trapped in the gym.”

Original story from HuffingtonPost.

The restaurant had been particularly busy that night, and I was starving. At the time, I was working as a server to put myself through grad school in a whimsical little eatery where the joke was that “in order to be hired, you have to at least be a little curious.” As the night slowed, I wandered downstairs to the kitchen in search of some abandoned nosh, and as I stood in the hallway munching on some chips, one of my coworkers walked by, ran his hand seductively across my waist, and instructed me to remember that “straight skinny is gay fat” with a judgmental glance at my deep-fried snack.

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