The Silent Epidemic: Helping GBT Men Speak Out About Domestic Violence

Original story from Huffingtonpost.
As a professional editor who has spent a lifetime as a passionate reader, looktoI know that we yearn to see our stories reflected in the books we read.We turn to literature to find out how others love and overcome loss – we hunger to read narratives that illuminate what we face and feel in our own lives. When I experience painful events in my own life, I look to books for comfort. If, as Louise DeSalvo says, “writing is a way ofhealing,” then perhaps this is even more true for reading.
For those gay, bi, and trans men who experience same-sex domestic violence, there are not many places to see their experiences mirrored back to them, especially when it comes to breaking free of the abuse and building a new life. It’s not that the numbers are too small in the LGBTQ community to warrant such a literature; in fact, the statistics are staggering: according to the Centers for Disease Control, 26% of gay men and 37% of bi men are victims of domestic violence. Continue reading