Gay Dating Solutions’ Members Section Is a Private, Stress-Free Meeting Place for Southern Gay Men to Establish Lasting Friendships

Gay Dating Solutions is a discreet and password-protected meeting place for gay men. The members section makes it easy to create a profile, complete the proprietary personality survey and questionnaire, search for and invite others to communicate, find functions and community events and obtain important information in the Gay Dating Solutions blog.
Atlanta – Gay Dating Solutions introduces one of the most comprehensive members section on any website of its kind. It is a discreet and password-protected meeting place for gay men who will find it easy to create their profile, complete the proprietary personality survey and questionnaire, search for and invite others to communicate with them, find functions and events in their communities and obtain important information in the Gay Dating Solutions blog. 
Based on its understanding of the gay rights movement in America and the unique challenges of gay men, Gay Dating Solutions is committed to creating a premier online dating site that is stress-free and helps men find lasting friendships, and even a loving relationship with a life partner.
The profile is the important first step for new members of Gay Dating Solutions. Its user-friendly layout allows members to identify themselves, socially and physically, upload a photo or video, note events they may be attending and write forum posts. 
According to Gay Dating Solutions, the personality survey and questionnaire on the website provides members with the most complete and accurate method to connect with gay men. It will match them with other members who are highly compatible, enjoy the same interests and are looking to make new friends or a long-term loving and committed relationship.
Upon completion of the personality survey and questionnaire, the site’s sophisticated algorithm makes it easy for members to become active in Gay Dating Solutions’ vibrant online community. Members are able to upload their favorite music to a separate profile page and share songs and albums with other members, which could form the basis for a new friendship. Members are also encouraged to use the separate blog page in their profile to write about their experiences and provide more in-depth information about the kind of relationship they seek. 
From the member’s home page, a Gay Dating Solutions member can access the elaborate search tool that allows him to find compatible members wherever he may be traveling. The comprehensive search palette also gives members the freedom to connect with other members even if their personality survey data don’t match. The easy-to-check boxes clearly identify the personality and interests of the searching member, including the languages he speaks, education and income levels, religion, smoking and drinking habits, a long list of non-interests and other personal criteria. The resulting matches can be presented as online only or photo only. 
Gay Dating Solutions’ premier online dating service for men also includes a new members’ page, a chat room, a Facebook link to connect with friends quickly, and an events page where members can create future events and then invite their matches to join them.
To introduce more gay men to the Gay Dating Solutions website, it is offering 300 free one-year memberships, which will only be available for a limited time.
For more information about Gay Dating Solutions and its free introductory offer, please visit Gay Dating Solutions.

Quality Men Looking For Quality Relationships

Whatever happened to romance?  Whatever happened to meeting and making good
quality friendships?  Whatever happened
to becoming friends first before jumping into bed?
Gay Dating Solutions is the perfect website for those
looking to find a true southern gentleman that actually wants a long term,
quality, and substantial relationship. 
The men on Gay Dating Solutions have had enough of risky,
anonymous sex.  They want quality…not
quantity. Most of us went through this phase long ago when we first came out of
the closet.  But after a while, jumping
from bed to bed simply becomes tiresome, gross and ridiculous.

For those who want to meet professional, like-minded men for
either friendship or as a potential candidate for that one true love,
Gay Dating Solutions is the only online dating website for YOU.

Love Life Fridays!


We have a new name for Dr. Janet Page’s articles that you have been reading lately. After a wonderful suggestion we are calling the series Love Life Fridays!  We have 2 more awesome articles ready to be released tomorrow and next Friday, so make sure you either follow us or check back in so you don’t miss them!  We will go back and label the previous articles so you have to do is click here!

Also, Gay Dating Solutions Free Year Offer is expiring Fast. They have about 50 free memberships left so you better hurry and get one before they are gone! They started this offer at the start of this month, and they are definitely growing fast.  Don’t miss this opportunity to save yourself $75 that you would normally spend anyway!

Stop Waiting Around for a Knight in Shining Armor!

What is it about us gay men? We so often think that all that
we have to do is sit back and wait for Prince Charming to show up on our
doorstep.  We dream that one day he will
whisk us away in wedded bliss to live our “happily ever after”.  Though this sounds great, unfortunately, it
is highly unlikely. This dream is not a reality and doesn’t make sense when you
take a look at the way that we live the rest of our lives. 
Most gay men are highly successful. We make a healthy amount
of disposable income, go to the gym for hours every week, spend way too much
money on hair products and tanning creams, and spend countless time conducting
research on purchasing the perfect vehicle to make us look cool and sexy.  However, when it comes to forming satisfying
personal relationships, we expect true love to simply come knocking on our
It’s extremely important we begin putting as much energy,
time and patience into our personal lives as we do into our careers, physical
appearance, and every other aspect of our well being. Gay Dating Solutions is
the best way to help you create true balance in your life. Find your match
today…he’s waiting on you to make the first move.

Gay Dating Solutions…Much Better Than the Rest!

We are not like those other gay sex sites (
or to name a few). Our main goal is to help YOU establish an intimate, personal
connection rather than one that is purely physical. We do not focus on sex…we
focus on companionship.
The unique Gay Personality Survey on Gay Dating Solutions is
the only one of its kind. We match you on both personalities and physical
attributes to help you find the perfect mate.

Prince Charming is not going to rescue you unless you meet
him halfway.  Even Cinderella had to go
to the Ball to meet her Prince.  It’s
time you do the same and Gay Dating Solutions is the perfect place to start.

Top 3 Tips for Gay Online Dating

Whether closeted or out, if you’re tired of secret hookups
and creeps, and all you’re looking for is a nice, loving relationship, then
it’s time for you to join the world of gay online dating. Exploring the digital
sea of guys can be intimidating, especially if you’re not looking in the right
place. Our site is a safe space for you to find the one and settle into a
companionship with mutual love, respect, and trust.
There are certain tips and tricks that can help you along
the way. Aside from basic things like keeping your pictures PG and putting some
thought into screen names, there are other concepts to keep in mind. We at Gay Dating Solutions ( +Gay Dating Soltions) believe that the process should be fun, easy, and smooth; and
we’ve put together some of the best tips to help guide you along the way:

Don’t be Aimless

Many go on browsing aimlessly through the sites, and usually
only go by display pictures. It’s much easier and much less daunting, if you
know what you want and are actively searching for that. Make a list of all the
things you’d like – and we don’t mean physical attributes; write down
specifics, do you want a guy who’s out or closeted? College educated or
high-school graduate? The artsy type or the scientific type? It’s good to know
exactly what you’re searching for; but with that being said, don’t be afraid to
go out of your comfort zone, if a guy seems interesting but he doesn’t meet
your requirements, don’t be too scared to start up a conversation.

Privacy Matters

Even though this is a dating site, you should only share
what you feel comfortable sharing, and you should extend others the same
courtesy. Remember to only ask things you would ask someone when physically
meeting for the first time. Therefore, keep your “top or bottom?” questions for
later, and make sure you’re not scaring away potentials with intrusive queries.
There are, of course, certain things you need to know for your own safety, such
as their HIV status, but don’t be tactless. These are matters that you can
discuss in person once you have established that you actually like the person

Don’t Give Up

IF you’re like the rest of us, you won’t find true love on
your first try. There’s a lot of trial and error you have to go through before
you can find the right guy who you want to spend most of your time with. The
good thing about online dating is that you’re all here for the same reason, and
if you don’t respond to someone or aren’t interested in meeting up again,
they’re sure to understand. As long as you aren’t rude, they’ll happily move
on, and so will you. But remember to keep looking, don’t be that guy who gives
up after one or two dates and deactivates his dating profile. If you keep at
it, you’re sure to luck out sooner or later.

These tips aren’t strict rules, but are only here to guide
you. If you have any more handy tips, feel free to post them in the comments
section. Also, if you think that these don’t work for you, then do what you
always do, as long as you’re comfortable and having fun.

Sponsored by GAY DATING SOLUTIONS (+Gay Dating Soltions)  – Where Gay Men Meet Life Partners and True Friends.

Misson Statement

As powerfully as gay rights are forging ahead in America, the challenges remain for many men navigating the gay dating scene. Meeting men in clubs seems to only take you so far. And most gay sites online are too sex-driven to start a meaningful relationship.

But there is good news for those who long to be part of a couple. A dating site exclusively for gay men has just launched. Gay Dating Solutions places emphasis on taking a Personality Survey and the completion of questionnaires about you and your match. The site is tailored to men seeking men for real love. Now that gay marriage rights are changing, perhaps this really is our season for love.

Gay Dating Solutions aims to do its part to keep the the gay love momentum going. The more happy couples we can play a role increating, the better America will be as not j ust a tolerant nation but a people who
understand the real power and beauty of love, no matter for whom.

Just Getting Started

Welcome to everyone who has found our wonderful blog operation here at Gay Dating Solutions.  We are trying to fine tune our website right now to make it the most beneficial to you as possible.  Please bear with us as we work out some kinks here and there and get this thing rolling!

We hope to have some guest speakers write here, so check back frequently and make sure that you subscribe to posts in the future.

GDS Team!