This Teen Fashion Designer is Upcycling Clothes for Young Homeless LGBT People

A teenage fashion designer from Los Angeles is upcycling unwanted clothes and donating them to young homeless LGBT youth.

Dillon Eisman is a high school senior who invented “Sew Swag” who decided to put his love of fashion to use for the community.

Speaking to NBC Out, the 18-year-old explained that he was “heartbroken” when he realised the extent of the homelessness issue that young LGBT people faced.

“Seeing people who are my age who are not accepted and basically being kicked out of their families because they’re gay was just so heartbreaking,” he said.

Eisman learnt how to sew with the help of his mother and began practicing on old clothes that family members no longer wanted.

He hopes that one day he can be so skilled that his can create his own brand on a much larger scale with other people working with him.

“It’s something that all underprivileged kids need — new clothes that make them feel good when they put them on,” Eisman said.


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