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We’ve Lived All Over the World as a Gay Couple. Now We’re Holed Up in Suburban Texas.

Like everyone, life has thrown us both a few curveballs over the years. Unsettling health scares. Never-ending career woes. Family members dying with no warning. But our lives have never changed so dramatically as they have over the past ten days. It’s probably the same for most of you reading…

Gay Couple Hospitalized After Late Night Attack For Holding Hands

A gay couple was attacked in an apparent hate crime early Saturday morning in Austin, Texas. Tristan Perry and Spencer Deehring were walking to their car around 2:45am after celebrating a friend’s birthday at Rain nightclub in downtown Austin. The couple passed a man on the street who called them…

Gay Austin Scene ― Your Essential Guide to Everything

  You don’t have to look for rainbow flags or limit yourself to one small part of Austin if you’re interested in experiencing everything that the city’s large and diverse LGBT community has to offer. Unlike many places, which have only one or two areas known as ‘gay districts,’ Austin’s…