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Gay Things To Do in Chicago

Chicago is one of the most inclusive cities in the country, with a long and vibrant LGBTQ+ history.

Gay Couple’s Hilarious Video Message to The Jerk Who Stole Their Pride Flag Goes Viral

Speaking directly “to the person who stole the pride flag off our front porch,” the couple’s cute warning has swept Twitter. When a Chicago gay couple had the pride flag stolen off of their porch, they knew what they had to do. First, buy more flags. Like, a lot of…

Gay Teen Couple ‘Kicked Out of Restaurant for Hugging’

High school students Kendall Anderson and Peder Sevig claim an employee told them: “We don’t want your kind here”. A teenage couple say they we told to “get out” of a Chicago restuarant after sharing a hug. Kendall Anderson and Peder Sevig were at Big Boy Gyros with a group…

Same-Sex Couple Has Pride Flag Stolen, Replaced by American Flag

After the crime, there was a happy ending for the women and their kids.   After a female couple had a rainbow flag stolen at their home, neighbors in their Chicago neighborhood responded by flying their own Pride flags, and even incorporating it into Christmas displays. “The fact that this…