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When Turning 30 Means You’re Into Guys *and* Their Dads

For one Reddit user, entering his 30s coincided with finding himself attracted to two generations of dudes. “Turning 30 means still being attracted to 23-year-olds, but you also wouldn’t say no to their dad,” the Redditor recently observed. “Something must have happened in the last year where 40-something dads have become…

The Gay “Daddy” – Whether For Friendship Or Romance The Attraction is Real

While the term “daddy” has gotten more and more popular in the gay community over the past several years, therapist Matthew Dempsey’s latest YouTube video explores what actually makes a gay “daddy?” “Growing up gay, most of us didn’t have parents who shared that identity and could guide us through…

In Praise of The Gay Daddy

Daddy has become synonymous with sex appeal and strength. This essay is part of an ongoing series by the author about issues facing older gay men. If you’ve got a “Daddy Issue,” I want to hear about it. -DRT I was walking down Eighth Avenue last week wondering why I…