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‘I Just Want to Talk to Someone’ – How Coronavirus is Increasing Isolation Among Older LGBTQ People

Coronavirus is having a particularly negative effect on older members of the LGBTQ community. Older people already experience high levels of loneliness and social isolation, but that issue can be even more prevalent among those in the LGBTQ community, who are more likely to not have children and lack family…

6 Ways to Save Your Relationship From Depression

Even the strongest of unions can break down under the strain of mental illness or depression. Here are a few coping strategies: Relationships can break down quickly under the impact of depression. While many depressed partners decide to leave for good, I think it’s more common for two people to…

Coping with a Depressed Boyfriend

QUESTION: My partner of 9 years lost his job a year ago after having downloaded some pornography on his computer at work. He hasn’t had any luck since then securing new employment and the longer that time goes on without his finding a job, he’s become increasingly more depressed and hopeless.…