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Colorado Becomes 11th US State to Ban ‘Gay and Trans Panic’ Defense

Colorado has become the 11th US state to ban the ‘gay and trans panic’ defense. The controversial legal strategy, which is mostly used in assault or murder cases, allows people to defend themselves by claiming they were driven to violence after discovering their victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity. On…

New York Becomes The Sixth State to Bar Gay & Transgender ‘Panic’ Defenses for Murder

The admission of a hate crime should never be an excuse for it. The New York legislators have passed a ban on Wednesday, barring the use of “gay panic” and “transgender panic” defenses in murder cases within the state. Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign the bill. With this move, New…

Why This Texas Man Got Probation for Murdering Gay Neighbor

No one disputes that the killer stabbed a gay man twice in the back. But, they say, it was self-defense.   It’s been five years since the American Bar Association called on every state to end the use of the “gay panic” defense. It’s been 20 years since the death of Matthew…