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Gay Mormon Comes Out to His Dad & It Goes Way Better Than Expected

Austin Swink came out to his Mormon father and his reaction was surprisingly sweet.

Former Conversion Therapist Says He’s ‘Choosing To Pursue Life As A Gay Man’

A Utah-based proponent of the medically denounced practice of so-called gay conversion therapy has announced that he identifies as gay.  David Matheson, a practicing Mormon, told the LGBTQ nonprofit Truth Wins Out late Sunday that he has “embarked on a new life-giving path that has already started a whole new growth…

Why does gay-dating move so fast?

I talk a little about my experience and thoughts on dating and reasons I feel like things move so much faster for gay people. I also share some of the rules … Escape One-Night Stands that leave you feeling hollow and unfulfilled! Stop searching in vain and on your own…