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When Turning 30 Means You’re Into Guys *and* Their Dads

For one Reddit user, entering his 30s coincided with finding himself attracted to two generations of dudes. “Turning 30 means still being attracted to 23-year-olds, but you also wouldn’t say no to their dad,” the Redditor recently observed. “Something must have happened in the last year where 40-something dads have become…

Gay Guys Share Their Funniest and Sweetest Hookup Stories

A self-described “hopeless romantic” asked his fellow Redditors for their “funny/sweet hookup stories,” and you know how it goes online: Ask, and you shall receive. Here are some of the best responses… or, at least, as much of them as we can safely print! The icebreaker “This one hookup I was with…

‘I’m a Homophobe and My Son is Gay’: Dad’s Emotional Reddit Confession

A father who says he was a “textbook homophobe” has repented after bullying his gay son “every day of his life” for 20 years. In a Reddit post titled “I’m a homophobe and my son is gay,” the anonymous parent confessed to trying to throw his child out of the house after he found out he…