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How Same-Sex Couples Can Strengthen Their Relationships

There is a fallacy that somehow lgbtq+ relationships are different than straight relationships.  But, whether gay, straight, trans or any other combination, when two people come together to date or to get serious, they face the same highs and lows that surface in any relationship. What exactly does it take…

Online Dating is The Most Popular Way LGBTI Americans Meet Their Soulmates

You probably won’t meet the love of your life at church. Sorry Almost 60% of same-sex couples met on online dating apps | Adrianna Calvom (Pexels) A study released last month showed that almost 60% of LGBTI couples in America met online. This compared to just over 20% who met in a…

Truth: it’s all that matters in a relationship

You’ve got to get over the past if you have any hope of finding ‘The One’ for the future. Original story from Attitude Magazine Honesty isn’t a quality that only same sex relationships require, but in my experience, some men I’ve dated seem to find it incredibly difficult to tell…