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The Struggle of Growing Up Gay in a Conservative Religious Family

Growing up gay in a conservative religious family, grappling with my sexuality was a journey fraught with challenges, conflicts, and ultimately, self-discovery. The realization that I was different, that my attractions did not align with the heteronormative expectations of my faith and family, filled me with a profound sense of…

Cuba’s LGBTQ+ Community Celebrates Marriage Equality and Religious Acceptance

Engaging excerpt (2 sentences): In a historic move, Cuba has embraced LGBTQ+ rights, with the approval of same-sex marriage and adoption. As attitudes shift, Cuba's LGBTQ+ community finds acceptance and freedom to worship in inclusive churches like the Metropolitan Community Church in Matanzas.

Vatican Condemns Gender-Affirming Surgery and Surrogacy in New Document

The Vatican has released a controversial new document opposing gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy, equating them with abortion and euthanasia. Despite warnings against discrimination, the church's stance has sparked outrage among LGBTQ+ advocates.

I’m Gay and Jewish- I Don’t Need to Be Saved By Christians

An opinion piece on being gay and jewish. Discover the twists and turns of life while being courted to switch preferences and religions.