Vatican Condemns Gender-Affirming Surgery and Surrogacy in New Document

Written by gaymennewsApril 12, 2024

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The Vatican has released a controversial new document opposing gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy, equating them with abortion and euthanasia. Despite warnings against discrimination, the church’s stance has sparked outrage among LGBTQ+ advocates.

The Vatican has released a new document titled “Infinite Dignity” that strongly opposes gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy, equating them with abortion and euthanasia in terms of their perceived negative impact on human dignity. The Catholic Church’s declaration, approved by Pope Francis, reaffirms traditional doctrine and has sparked controversy among LGBTQ+ advocates.

Catholic Church Rejects Notion of Gender Alteration

The document stresses the Catholic principle that individuals cannot alter their gender, as God created men and women with inherent biological differences. It cautions against attempts to contradict these differences and “make oneself God.” The church makes allowances for “genital abnormalities” present at birth or developed later in life, stating that such situations may be “resolved” with the help of health care professionals.

Pope Francis’ Controversial Stance on Surrogacy

On the topic of surrogacy, the Vatican flatly opposes the practice, whether the surrogate mother is coerced or chooses to participate freely. The church views the child as a “mere means subservient to the arbitrary gain or desire of others.” Pope Francis recently called surrogacy “deplorable” and expressed concern about its potential link to human trafficking.

Balancing Conservative and Progressive Views

The document’s content and timing are seen as a nod to conservatives, following a more explosive document approving blessings for same-sex couples and allowing transgender people to be baptized and act as godparents. Conservative clerics, particularly in Africa and the United States, have warned that deviating from traditional doctrine could lead to a permanent split within the church.

Addressing Discrimination Against Transgender People

Despite its stance on gender-affirming surgery, the Vatican’s document also warns against “unjust discrimination,” particularly in countries where transgender people face criminalization, imprisonment, and even the death penalty. The church’s position on this issue highlights the ongoing struggle to balance traditional beliefs with the need to protect the rights and dignity of all individuals, including those in the LGBTQ+ community.

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