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Better Than Grindr? 5 Gay Dating Apps That Can Help Find Your Perfect Match

Most online gay dating apps are a bit superficial in how you match with someone. If you want a different experience, try these gay dating apps.

“No Asians, No Blacks.” ― Picky Dater or Racist Dater?

Grindr will get you laid. And possibly make you a crime victim. But among all those muscled chests and sexy profiles to swipe through, it takes about a second to find one with “no Asians” or “no blacks.” That’s racist and here’s why. The offensive quip in a profile is mostly…

Getting off Grindr

I’ve had Grindr on my phone for years – so long that I forgot what a day was like without it. I remember the first time I downloaded it; I saw neighbors online, torsos and all, and realized just how gay friendly my block really was. It’s weird to think how an…

Some annoying things about gay online dating

Some of my observations on what annoys me with gay online dating (just some aspects of it) Escape One-Night Stands that leave you feeling hollow and unfulfilled! Stop searching in vain and on your own for a Long-Term Relationship of Trust, Love and Fulfillment! Read more at Signup today…