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Almost Half Say They Wouldn’t Be Comfortable With HIV+ Barber

A new study shows an inordinate percentage of Americans say they wouldn’t feel comfortable interacting with a doctor or barber living with HIV.

US Gov To Make PrEP Free Through Insurance

The U.S. government is making a strong push in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

What’s a Gym Gay™️ Without the Gym? A Meditation.

A famous philosopher—or Instagay—once said, “I lift therefore I am.” But is there a point of existence without a steam room? I knew it would happen. It was inevitable. Restaurants, bars, and any and all social gathering hot spots were closing left and right, and it was only a matter…

Second Person in The World Ever to Be Cured of HIV Finally Breaks His Silence

The second person in the world ever to be cured of HIV has just revealed his identity. Until now, Adam Castillejo was simply known as “the London patient.” Last year, he made international headlines when he was declared free of HIV following a bone marrow transplant to treat blood cancer.…

This Couple Wants Us To Keep Talking About HIV/AIDS

When Guy Vandenberg’s partner was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, both of their lives were forever changed. Guy Vandenberg had been working as a nurse for a few years at San Francisco General Hospital’s famous ward colloquially known as “5B,” the first AIDS ward unit in the country, when he discovered his partner,…

PrEP to Be Available for Free Even If You’re Uninsured

Uninsured Americans can now apply for free PrEP drugs through the federal government. The Department of Health and Human Services Tuesday launched Ready, Set, PrEP, a national program to distribute medications used for pre-exposure prophylaxis, a strategy to prevent HIV-negative people from becoming infected with the virus. Truvada and Descovy,…

Financial Barriers Still Keep Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Patients from Medical Treatment

A new study shows that gay, lesbian and bisexual people are still reluctant to seek necessary health care coverage because of cost concerns. This is even with the added insurance benefits available via the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, as it’s commonly referred. While gay, lesbian or bisexual adults…