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The Struggle of Growing Up Gay in a Conservative Religious Family

Growing up gay in a conservative religious family, grappling with my sexuality was a journey fraught with challenges, conflicts, and ultimately, self-discovery. The realization that I was different, that my attractions did not align with the heteronormative expectations of my faith and family, filled me with a profound sense of…

NAIA bans transgender women from competing in women’s sports

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, which oversees more than 200 mostly small colleges, is the most recent sports governing body to restrict the participation of transgender athletes.

Target Under Fire for Pulling LGBTQ Merchandise

Recently, Target, one of the largest retail chains in the United States, has faced criticism after pulling several items associated with the LGBTQ community from its shelves.

North Dakota Finds Novel Way to Ban Most Conversion Therapy

North Dakota has found a way to largely ban conversion therapy without going through the full legislature.

An Out Politician Recounts How He Saved His Gay Neighbor’s Life By Donating His Kidney

Brian Sims didn't share that he donated his kidney at first to avoid seeming like it was done for political points. Now his heartwarming story is bringing attention to a live-saving issue.

I’m Gay and Jewish- I Don’t Need to Be Saved By Christians

An opinion piece on being gay and jewish. Discover the twists and turns of life while being courted to switch preferences and religions.

Switzerland Looks Set to Be The Next Country to Legalise Same-Sex Marriage – Because Love, Always, Always Wins

Switzerland has taken a major step on the path to equality after its parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of a law to pass same-sex marriage. The council of states – the upper house of Switzerland’s legislature – voted by by 22 votes to 15 to approve landmark legislation to make…

Malik Brown Becomes Atlanta’s First Director of LGBTQ Affairs

Despite the fact that Georgia does not have any statewide protections for their LGBTQ citizens, the state’s capital city, Atlanta, has achieved a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index every year since 2013, a distinction that gave the city an ‘All-Star’ status in 2018.     Elected as Atlanta’s mayor…

Joe Biden’s Win Means LGBTQ+ Folks Can See the Sun Again

If you have experienced a tornado, hurricane, or a crippling snowstorm, you know what it’s like the following day. You wake up and look to the skies that only hours earlier were dark, ominous, and dangerous. The morning sky is usually a brilliant blue, barren of clouds; the radiant sun…

Nevada Voters Turn Same-Sex Marriage Ban Into Legal Protections For Gay Couples

Nevada voters removed the state’s constitutional amendment that banned same-sex marriages to require the state to recognize and perform them. The ban was moot following the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges that brought marriage equality to the nation. While the state’s inability to declare a winner in the presidential race is causing…

How Safe is Gay Marriage? Advocates Fear Increasingly Conservative Court

The nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and fresh criticism of the 2015 gay marriage ruling by two justices has renewed advocates’ concerns. President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court to succeed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month ignited fears of…

Poland’s ‘LGBT-Free Zones’: Open Letter Calling For End to Hate in Country Signed By 50 Diplomats

Diplomats from 50 countries have called for an end to LGBTQ discrimination in Poland. The move follows a surge in anti-LGBTQ sentiment in the European Union member state, where some towns have this year been declared ‘LGBT-free zones.’ Taking the form of an open letter signed by ambassadors for the UK, the…