Hot Vax Summer! 5 Top Tips on How to Get Back into Dating

Written by JosephMay 24, 2021

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On TikTok “only hot people get the Pfizer vaccine,” but in the real world antibodies have universal sex appeal.

On TikTok “only hot people get the Pfizer vaccine,” but in the real world antibodies have universal sex appeal.

As more and more gay people get vaccinated, there has been an influx of horny tweets and vaccine thirst traps on Instagram as people try to manifest a summer 2021 that will more than make up for the abstinence of 2020.

In other words, get ready for ‘Hot Vax Summer’! Here’s some tips on how to get back into dating:

Vacci-dating isn’t risk-free.

Gay dating has never been entirely risk-free, but dating during a pandemic adds more questions to consider before meeting someone in person whom you’ve met in a gay dating app.

For example, if both of you are vaccinated, do you need to wear masks when first meeting? What if only one of you is vaccinated?

As more people get vaccinated, then dating can be a low-risk activity for everyone. But we’re not there yet.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that those who are vaccinated continue to wear masks and maintain physical distance as the vaccine rollout proceeds.

Don’t worry if it’s been a while since you’ve hooked up with someone.

The pandemic has left us with a deep, lingering skin hunger. But it’s also left some of us anxious at the idea of being around people — particularly indoors and unmasked — and concerned about how strong our social skills will be post-pandemic.

When it comes to hooking up, it’s OK if it’s been (what you consider to be) a long time. You never want to get the point where you’re so confident about sex that you don’t even have to think about it.

You always want to be approaching it with a new mindset, as if it is the first time. It keeps you more engaged, it keeps you listening to your partner more, it just makes you a more enthusiastic partner.

On a more practical note, few things are sexier than a partner who cares about their — and your — sexual health. So please, get tested (and do so regularly) so you know what’s going on with your body, even if you haven’t had sex since the pandemic started.

Make sure you feel like your best self.

Start by getting ready in a way that makes you feel mentally ready and confident.

For some people, this might mean ordering clothes they know they’ll feel good in or trying out new makeup.

For others, it might mean engaging in a self-care ritual, so they feel more relaxed and less nervous about the idea of putting themselves out there.

A walk in the park.

If the weather is nice, nothing beats a picnic first date with a nice bottle of champers, it’s novel and different, so let’s embrace the fact things are going to be different.

You don’t have to wait until summer.

Officially, the summer solstice is June 20. Less officially, Memorial Day weekend kicks off summer. Unofficially, ‘Hot Vax Summer’ starts two weeks after your second dose!

Dating during the pandemic can be nerve-wracking, but it can happen. Pre-pandemic, many people felt pressured by the fast, overwhelming nature of the dating world and the pressure to move quickly. The pandemic has given us the opportunity to slow down and move at a pace that feels right.





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