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Tennessee Gay Couple Rejected by Wedding Venue Due to Owner’s Religious Beliefs

The Tennessee couple scheduled a tour — and then things got weird.

Gay Mormon Comes Out to His Dad & It Goes Way Better Than Expected

Austin Swink came out to his Mormon father and his reaction was surprisingly sweet.

Christians Have Been Trying to Convert Me For Years. I Don’t Need to Be Saved.

I’m perfect just as I am and I’m Jewish. Hey Tom Cantor, If Jesus were so wonderful, you wouldn’t have to promote him through the mail like a free sample of toothpaste or garbage bags. Instead, people would come flocking to him on their own by attraction. I’m a proud…

The Anti-LGBTQ Extremists of Evangelicals for Trump

The Evangelicals for Trump coalition, launched at an event Friday night in Miami, is pretty much a who’s who of anti-LGBTQ extremists from the Christian right. The group’s members have called being gay “filthy” and “immoral,” equated homosexuality with pedophilia and alcoholism, and blamed LGBTQ people for natural disasters, according…

United Methodist Church Announces Plan to Split Over LGBT Rights

The United Methodist Church, the second-largest Protestant denomination in the United States, has announced a plan to split over LGBT+ rights. At the United Methodist Church general conference in February 2019, about 53 percent of delegates to the conference voted in favour of what members call the “Traditional Plan”. The anti-LGBT…

Gamal Palmer: On Being Black, Gay, And Jewish in America

As a young boy, Gamal Palmer — Senior Vice President of Leadership Development at the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles — would sit in his local synagogue, wearing a yarmulke and in mid-prayer, as people would routinely approach to ask if he was Jewish. As a black man, his…