7 Quick Dating Tips For Young Gay Men

Written by JosephSeptember 11, 2021

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Undoubtedly, dating is a tough job and even more when you belong to the LGBTQ community because of the societal taboos associated with it.


Undoubtedly, dating is a tough job and even more when you belong to the LGBTQ community because of the societal taboos associated with it. How do you find the right man with whom to walk through life? What should the relationship look like when? Are there rules, benchmarks, or steps for measuring the depth and health of a relationship? So how can we be good dates for serious relationships? Finding your right match in the gay dating world can be filled with pitfalls and traps. So, here are 7 quick dating tips for young gay men to help you set yourself apart from the crowd.

Don’t rush or be pressured.

There may be people who love you that would like to see you find a relationship quickly, but don’t feel pressured to comply. Choosing the person with whom you spend your life should be a selective process. So take your time and be discerning. Relationships are built over time and should never be rushed into. Drop the rush.

Date outside your type.

There is nothing wrong with being more attracted to guys who look or present themselves in a certain way. However, don’t rule out a whole group of people because they don’t fit what you are usually attracted to. Be open to all different types of guys. This widens your options greatly.

Video chat before you meet up.

If you meet a guy online and decide to meet up, video chat with him first. This way, you avoid having the frustrating situation of getting all dressed up, excited, commuting to wherever you are meeting, only to realize within seconds you have absolutely no attraction to him. A brief, video chat can help you avoid this situation entirely.

Learning about your date > Talking about yourself.

In a dating environment we all have the tendency to try to “sell ourselves” to our new prospective teammate. I’m sure he would love to hear about that time you rescued 17 puppies that were careening towards a waterfall during your most recent white water rafting excursion, but conversations are a two way street.

Don’t get so caught up in trying to prove how cool you are that you lose track of learning about him as well. Remember, you are trying to determine if he is a good match for you also – don’t run the conversation too much.

Be yourself.

At first, we’re all on our best behavior to make a good impression. But be yourself. If you find you are adjusting yourself in order to fit someone else’s expectations, be cautious. Our friends should make us better people, but don’t try to be someone you’re not, because it’s not true and it’s not sustainable.

Be present in the moment.

You don’t need to check those texts right now, no matter how much your friends are LOL-ing at that TikTok someone just shared. Ignoring outside distractions will show your date you’re invested in the shared experience and make them feel valued. It’s also good for your own wellbeing to relax and enjoy the time you two have together.

Go in with low expectations, but still give it your all.

This is the key to dating successfully. Go in thinking that the guy is going to be a mismatch and that nothing is going to happen. Still, give him your attention and the opportunity to impress you. If it doesn’t work out, that’s fine because you had low expectations, but if it does, you will be surprised.

Fun Fact: A study published in 2019 titled “Disintermediating your friends: How online dating in the United States displaces other ways of meeting” found that 65% of gay couples met through dating apps. That doesn’t mean it’s always a good experience, though! This is why we highly recommend premier dating sites like Gay Dating Solutions and My Gay Match.

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